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Company Staff

California Tile Installers has a strong employee base with many employees being with the company as much as twenty years or more.


Jack O'Brien
Jack C. O'Brien

Jack C. O'Brien is the President and CEO of California Tile Installers

As a second generation owner Jack C. O’Brien took over as President of U.S. Perma, Inc. d.b.a. California Tile Installers in 1992. Having been with the company now for over 30 years Jack has seen many changes in the tile industry and has gained the practical experience needed to run a highly efficient organization.

Jack C. O’Brien takes pride in being an integral part of the development of California Tile Installers and continues to hone the company to adapt to an ever changing market place and industry.

Overseeing the daily operations Jack C. O’Brien also does a substantial amount of estimating for the firm, his goal is to provide competitive prices while providing the service and stability of a well organized company that has been serving the bay area since 1962.

To contact Mr. O’Brien please e-mail jacko@cti-usperma.com or by calling the office at 408-436-0600.



Randall Sundberg
Randall D. Sunberg

Randall D. Sundberg is Vice President at California Tile Installers as well as one of our chief estimators.

As VP, Randy is available to trouble shoot jobs and handle client concerns.  Randy handles all private bids and has a vast knowledge of the process of bidding large projects such as hospitals, hotels, universities and even small jobs such as restaurants and commercial buildings.

Mr. Sundberg has been involved in the tile industry since he was a very young boy, learning from his various involved family members.  He brings a lot of experience to California Tile Installers and performs his function with an air of dignity and professionalism.

Randy has been on staff at California Tile Installers going on 25 years.  The best way to contact Randy is by writing to randy@cti-usperma.com or by phone at 408-436-0600 ext.115 - direct at 408-703-6032.



Jordon O'Brien
Jordon O’Brien,

Jordon O’Brien, Executive Account Administrator. Jordon represents the 3rd generation in this family business, and is a proud contributor during this 50 year anniversary.

Jordon’s focus has been spent maintaining our account history.  This includes full charge of Accounts Receivable. He is primarily responsible for billing, lien releases, change order processing and collections.

Jordon has branched into the estimating department as well and has become a valuable part of the estimating team. Please use his below contact information with questions related to either of these departments.

Having previous experience in team leading has trained him in multiple positions that will support an efficient workflow during productions. He believes that every task given is of the utmost importance, and looks forward to creating your vision of new and exciting projects.

To contact Jordon please call 408-436-0600 ext. 118 or direct 408-703-6033 e-mail jordon@cti-usperma.com


Larry Bloom
Larry Bloom

Larry Bloom is Project Manager for California tile installers, managing successful timely completion of many different tile installations throughout the state.

A project manager now, Larry has come through the ranks, starting his career in construction in 1985 as a carpenter. Taking interest in tile installation he moved all of his focus to learn the trade. In 1989 he joined tile layers Union completing both finisher and tile layer apprentice training. He continued his education taking college classes in blueprint and mechanical drafting.

 Larry came to CTI September of 1991 and hit the ground running, advancing quickly to the position he holds today. He has maintained his knowledge and dedication to the trade allowing him to complete the most difficult projects both successfully and on time.  

Since 1997 when Larry took over as Project Manager for the company he has completed over 4,000 projects. See the Projects tab for recent projects completed.

To contact Larry please Email: larry@cti-usperma.com or by calling the office at 408-436-0600 ext. 111 or direct 408-703-6028.


Larry Bloom
Charlene Johnson

Charlene Johnson, Assistant Project Manager and Estimating Bid Coordinator.

Charlene’s primary responsibility is to aid Larry with project management. Her many duties range between preparing submittals, issuing change order requests and building client relations.  

Charlene as our Bid Coordinator is responsible for creating the bid files and schedules. The task of creating these files entails downloading and organizing plans specifications and addendums. She also handles our prequalification paperwork for upcoming projects.  Please direct all bid requests to her.

Charlene’s attention to detail comes based on her background in management and sales. Her communication skills lead her endeavor to work well with others, and her positive attributes make her a great addition to California Tile Installers.

She looks forward to expanding our relationships in the Tile Industry and with Clients.

You may reach Charlene at 408-436-0600 ext. 110, direct 408-703-6027 or at Charlene@cti-usperma.com



Arnold Rivas
Arnold Rivas
Warehouse Manager

Arnold Rivas, started his career in the ceramic tile industry on February 7, 1987 with California Tile Installers.  Arnold's supervisory experience in his previous jobs, including Ford Motor Company helped him as CTI expanded from a dozen employees to over fifty.  Arnold's position as warehouse manager comes in direct contact with all employees. 

His duty of preparing deliveries with proper setting materials and getting them delivered in a timely fashion is a daily chore and requires the utmost coordination skill.  Communication with warehouse personnel is essential in getting any job done.  Being able to have open communication with setters and helpers is Arnold's best asset.  His commitment and loyalty to his family and CTI goes hand in hand.

Arnold feels the best years of his life have been working for CTI.  During his twenty five years at CTI he has made many friends in the tile business.  Arnold appreciates each and everyone he has come in contact with.

Contact Arnold at 408-436-0600 ext. 114 or direct at 408-703-6031




Dan Martin
Dan Martin

Dan Martin is the Repair and Maintenance person for California Tile Installers.

As the Repair and Maintenance division goes, if there are any installation problems, damage caused by other trades to finish areas or warranty repairs that need to be done, Dan is the man who takes care of it all. 

Dan Martin has been employed at California Tile Installers for over 25 years.  He has extensive knowledge of all applications of ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, stone and quarry tile, interior and exterior.  If you have a troubleshooting issue he is available to assist you in trying to figure it out.

Mr. Martin travels extensively throughout his day to various job sites taking care of punch list items and repairs.  Also, if you have new work that needs to be looked at in order to get a quote, Mr. Martin is also the person to contact for a site visit. 

Dan is an integral part of our staff here at California Tile Installers.  He performs his job with the utmost courtesy, professionalism and consideration of time constraints.

If you need to get in contact with Dan Martin you may call him at 408-592-7151 or write to him at dan@cti-usperma.com 



Judy White
Judy White

Judy White is the Accounting Manager.   Judy is responsible for accounts payable, payroll and the company’s daily accounting operations as well as Human Resources.  

Judy comes to California Tile Installers with over 20 years experience in customer service and sales account management.  Prior to coming to California Tile Installers she was a full-charge bookkeeper for a General Contractor.  She is also a Notary Public for the State of California.

California Tile Installers has been using the “American Contractor” complete job cost accounting software since 1987.  In 2012, Judy is the team leader on implementing California Tile Installers upgrade to Pro Contractor MX an all-in-one complete construction management software program.

Judy’s position as Accounting Manager along with her customer service skills has proven to be a valuable asset to the company. To contact Judy please call 408-436-0600 ext.116, direct 408-703-6026 or e-mail to judy@cti-usperma.com


Summer Arellano
Summer Martinez

Summer Martinez, Contract Administrator, joined California Tile Installers administrative team in 2005.  She has since proven herself to be an integral part of our office staff.

Summer originally came from a background in customer service and collections, which helped prepare her for the challenges of Administrative Assistant within the company, and now as Contract Administrator.

As Contract Administrator, Summer’s duties not only involve reviewing and processing all contracts that come through the office, but also Certified Payroll, Warranties & associated Closeout, as well as Insurance.

As Safety Administrator, Summer is also in charge of maintaining our OSHA log and IIPP.
You may reach Summer at 408-436-0600 ext. 118 or direct at 408-703-6030, or send a note summer@cti-usperma.com 



At California Tile Installers our Production Work Force also has many long term employees, building consistency into the quality of workmanship.



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